Art week in 852% humidity

It's Spring, it's Hong Kong, it's Humid, it's the Art Week in town.

The mystic feeling and foggy weather brings along a taste of romance and smoothness in the air, a bit dreamy and unreal - perfect for the coming 'art' events happening in town with Art Basel, Art Central, Asia Contemporary Art Fair, blah blah blah.. but wait a second - here comes with the real deal - millions and millions dollars worth of work is actually the focus, as the market is quite a commercial one; I understand the eco-system of any art scene and market needs the money to breath and nuture the artists, but it's seems going a bit too far this year.

Oh, and then every brand, malls, venues, galleris, hotels, restaurants, even construction sites are turned into some sort of 'art-themed' parties - it's like the Valentine's Day - people thought that there is only one day for the entire year to be romantic and obliged to be a good lover - wish +852 can support and develop the art scene throughout the year rigidly.

The HUMID +852

And here obviously spend the day getting loads of photos for one of my client

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